Stop! Just Do It!

Stop Just Do It
Stop! Just Do It!

Why do so many people big up work?

Last Thursday I gave feedback to a coaching client on a marketing flyer. Only a couple of tweaks needed. I asked her when they’d be going to print?

“A week on Monday” she replied.

Why would she say this? There’s twenty minutes work maximum needed to get that flyer ready for print. IT DOESN’T TAKE 10 DAYS TO DO 20 MINUTES WORK!!!!!!

Another contact last week told me that he was setting aside some time over the next 2 months to do his first newsletter.


Why would he say this? IT DOESN’T TAKE MORE THAN A COUPLE OF HOURS TO WRITE AN ENTIRE NEWSLETTER – providing you think properly and do it in the right way.

And they’re not the only ones doing this.

Two people I was speaking with last week were pleading pity and claiming it would take “many hundreds of hours” to properly deploy Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They Ask You Answer’ methodology in their business.

They are wrong. And foolish. And they’re ‘bigging up work’.

It seems to me that almost everyone ‘bigs up’ work. Makes it feel and seem like a bigger, more time consuming task than it is.

And the price these people are paying for their procrastination and lack of speed is massive.


Speed attracts money. It builds momentum. Energy. Results. Success.

Slow equals poor.

Nike are right. Just Do It.

Whatever the ‘big’ things are on your list. Just do ’em.

Today. This week.

Stop ‘bigging up’ the work and get some sh** done…

Have a great week, and if you’d like some help to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers then give me a call.