Who is

Andy Parkin?

Why is he qualified to help me grow my business?

What is his track record?

I wouldn't expect any business owner not to do their own due diligence on their business coach.

Multi award-winning Managing Director with extensive experience in developing market-leading businesses in both B2B and B2C markets, embedding processes and culture that drive superior service levels and underpin sustainable commercial success.

Comfortable assembling and managing multi-functional teams, including sub-contractors, embedding a culture of accountability and professionalism to nurture market leader status of high growth businesses by overseeing the operational delivery of services. I embed robust quality management processes and a philosophy of continuous improvement to mitigate business risk, improve compliance and consistency of standards and enhance service delivery.

Extensive experience in leading strategic planning and developing advanced marketing capabilities and business development strategies to drive market positioning, customer acquisition and industry-leading retention rates, ensuring robust cost management to drive revenue increase and margin sustainability.

Passionate about delivering superior customer service and I consider myself someone who has the breadth of experience to add value to any business that needs to drive growth and continuous improvement.

Founded in 2006, Speed Screed Ltd is a market-leading, multi-award-winning floor screeding company, providing high-quality services to the commercial and domestic markets across the UK.

As Founder and Managing Director, responsible for all aspects of developing and running the business, from start-up to a multi-million pound revenue company in a niche and competitive market. Manage permanent employees and a host of sub-contractors for delivery of services; providing leadership on all HR matters, including interviewing/recruitment of new specialist resources.

Manage all aspects of financial challenges associated with running an SME business, including order administration, overdue payments, contractual retentions, working capital and debt.

  • Considered global subject matter expert in screed; a trusted advisor to blue chip construction companies.
  • Introduced and embedded ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS8204 certifications across business and sub-contractors through effective documentation of processes and procedures.
  • Mobilised offshore workers (based in the Philippines) for the provision of cost-effective and scalable business support services, such as estimating and marketing/follow-up calls to potential customers.
  • Produced personalised videos for clients and advertising using Google Adwords for marketing of services by tailoring to customer needs and retargeting on social media with adverts.

My history as a Managing Director. From start-up to Multi-Million-Pound Revenue Company.

In life, it is important who you hang around with. Learning from others who have achieved success.

Having been a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle since the 2013 Convention, where I was inspired by Apple’s Steve Wozniak. I am perfectly place to help you implement the proven Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System.

Andy Parkin - England International

I never thought I would be able to say those words.  I don’t have any real running talent, I just love it, and I’m prepared to do the required things to get to my goal.  At the age of 50 I represented England Masters at Marathon.

Let me coach you to your goal!