Dunkin’ Donuts ☕ 🍩Is it just words?

Dunkin Donut Marketing
Dunkin Donut Marketing

Today, I called into Dunkin’ Donut to pick up a drink for my daughter Scarlett. 

After ordering her “brown sugar oak milk latte” we waited whilst it was being prepared and read their large signs on the walls.

“Dunkin’ Quality At every step. In every cup.”

“Sweetening Lives”

Pouring Positivity”

Many companies now have mission statements; however, few display them for their customers to see.  If you are going to display such statements, then you really have to live up to the signs.

Your customers know what to expect, and if they don’t get it, they will surely feel short-changed.

Dunkin’ have to believe in their product and service to stick their neck on the block in this way.

What statement would you put on your wall for all your customers to see? What level of service can they expect?

Is it time to stick your neck on the block if you haven’t already?  Believe in what you do!

Now, did the product/service meet expectations today at Dunkin’?  Yes, it did, fast service, polite, helpful assistants, coffee perfection (Scarlett was a happy girl!).