What does Tyson Fury have to do with my business?

Business King
Have you been knocked down?

Did you see the fight at the weekend? Tyson Fury was defending his heavyweight championship belts against the challenger Dillian Whyte. Two British fighters in front of a sell-out crowd at Wembley, with all the world watching it!

Love it or hate it, you have to concede that boxing is hard and tough. But then so is business. Have you been knocked down before?

Tyson certainly has had his own battles in and out of the ring, and you have to admire his determination.

There is an old quote:

“I do not regret my past battles and difficulties. They have given me a strength I could never have imagined having unless I had personally experienced them.”

How have your battles prepared you for the challenges ahead? Are you stronger because of them? Are you a business King?

Have a great week.