Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Business Owner
When is your Independence Day?

Our North American friends are celebrating their independence from British Colonial rule. And it is really a big thing!

Over two hundred years after gaining independence, why is it still so important?

The right to choose, determine your fate, and be exactly who you want to be is so important!

Now I am not just talking about the Americans; I am talking about us, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!

When you started your business, didn’t you want independence?

Independence from the 9-5, being able to work when you choose. Not having your boss dictate your actions and thoughts leaving you free to grow and shape your business.

I bet financial freedom was in there, not having to scrimp and save for the good things in life. Taking a holiday whenever you wanted to.

That was the independence you fought for.

Right now, what is your reality? Do you really have that independence, or have you simply found another job.

Do you find yourself working for less than minimum wage at times?

Your determination is frequently based on how motivated you are to succeed. To give your determination a boost, try strengthening your motives for achieving your goals. These tend to work together to help you stay on track.

You fought so hard to get your independence, now is the time to work hard to reap the rewards.

I can help you reconnect with your dreams and live the life you always wanted.

Happy Independence Day.