Competition Is A Great Motivator 🎾

Competition is a great motivator.
Are you a winner?

What do you think about Novak Djokovic?

Having won his seventh Wimbledon, he has to be the best ever male player?

The match on Sunday was amazing. He lost the first set but kept his head. 

Nick Kyrgios is undoubtedly a character, to say the least. He has an extraordinary way of communicating with his support team. He lets them know if they are not shouting loud enough!

But back to Novak, did we expect him to come back after the Australian vaccination issues? He really did cause a storm and lost a lot of fans due to his stance.

But he is back, and you must admire his professionalism on the court. He has a goal, and he knows what he wants……to win the most grand slam titles in history!

He has nothing left to prove however, Competition is a great motivator. Competing with your own “record” on a daily basis helps to inspire and motivate you to progress with small but important achievements.

Perhaps this week, think about your “competition” and make all those daily achievements count.

Have a great week.