Is your Business Sinking? Score-card

Business Scorecard
Is your Business Sinking? Don’t Let Your Business Sink Like The Titanic. You Need A Score Card.

Hi, it’s Andy, with more business tips from the theme parks, and today I’m at the Titanic exhibition.

I’m back from the Titanic exhibition, and it’s really a sobering thought at what a tragedy, it really was, and seeing all those artefacts really bring it home,

that each one was an individual life and it had a knock effect on the other people in there in their family.

Now I think the real tragedy was that it could have been avoided.

There were little indications along the way that things weren’t right, risks were taken, and the consequences were really grave.

Now that got me thinking about your business and how your business operates, and if we use a scorecard.

That is something that can give us those little indications that things aren’t quite right.

So once you’ve developed a good scorecard, you can see week on week on week if you turn that scorecard green or red for your various activities that will drive your business forward and if you’re seeing persistently red.

Then effectively. You’ve created your own disaster because your business will not survive.

And so what we want to do is we want to turn it all green, but you’ve got to be sensitive week to week as to what is happening in your business and do the rhythmic activity that is going to create the rhythmic acquisition of your customers and ultimately the success of your business?

So rather than having a disaster in your business, you’ve got an ultimate triumphant success in your business.

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