The Apprentice 2022 Kicks Off!

The Appretince 2022
The Apprentice 2022 Kicks Off. Why you should watch it!

Did you see the first episode of The Apprentice last week? I love it! Of course, it is a bit of fun, but how would you fare in those tasks?

The skills required to win the tasks each week, are exactly the ones you need to run your business!

Now don’t panic, it isn’t about you having those skills personally, just understanding what is required. Then you can decide if your skillset is suited to the task, or if you need to bring an expert in to carry it out for you. Thus moving your business forward.

Are you the type of business owner that can let go? Or do you have to be in control of every process, and simply go nowhere because you are so busy?

Busy working “IN” your business, not “ON” your business.

Think about what your goals are for 2022, are you going to hinder growth by clinging onto tasks?

I had the pleasure of meeting Baroness Brady, and what an inspirational person she really is! If you don’t know her back story, I really suggest you find out more. People told her she couldn’t and she proved she could!

Have a great week, and be more Karren!