Dragons’ Den – It’s a numbers game.

Dragons Den
Dragons Den - Do you know your numbers?

Last week I spoke about one of my favourite programs, The Apprentice, well how lucky am I? Dragons Den is up and running for another series, another firm favourite!

Having met Deborah Meaden a few years ago, I got to thinking how I would fare if pitching to the Dragons.

So many entrepreneurs go into the Den with a brilliant product, well-rehearsed pitch, and then fall apart when questioned about their numbers.

You can see the total frustration of the Dragons when the entrepreneur can’t provide the numbers from their business. It is extremely rare for a dragon to invest in someone who can’t demonstrate a grasp of their numbers.

Not knowing the critical numbers of a business indicates a high-risk level.

Do YOU know your numbers? It isn’t about being an accountant or an amazing mathematician. It is part of being a business owner.

Without the numbers, you are lost. You are working blindly.

How would you fare in front of the Dragons?

If you don’t know the critical numbers in your business, don’t worry. You are not alone.

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