Shark Tank USA – Business Language?

Shark Tank - Business Language
Shark Tank USA - Know your language!

I couldn’t resist and had to go for the “hat trick”  

Apprentice, Dragons’ Den, and now Shark Tank!

I am over in America at the moment, and my program of choice when winding down in the evening is Shark Tank.

It got me thinking about how the deals translate to the UK?  Are we all speaking the same language?

English, yes, of course, but what about the secret language of business?

Have you heard of the four colour personalities?  About 7 years ago I employed a company to come into my business to analysis and train our staff in the art of recognising and speaking customers and prospects languages.

The first part of the process was to understand our own language, and then secondly to determine the language of others quickly.

By doing this, we were able to connect very quickly, and our communication was vastly improved.  We understood others and the way they wanted to communicate.

Like Shark Tank, we are more likely to close a deal when we speak the same language and communicate how the prospect likes to be spoken to.

Want to know more about it?  Give me a shout, or take a look at this MudaMasters link.