Get your customers coming back for more.

customers coming back for more

Get your customers coming back for more – Give them a finale finish

Hi, it’s Andy with more business tips from theme parks.

And here I am at Epcot. This is the finale.

So as you. Scale your business. It gets harder and harder to provide good service. This is the fireworks. Now it’s marketing genius.

You have all day. Have a wonderful time. And of course, what are you going to remember?

Most people remember the end, so no matter what service you get, you remember the end.

And so of course, if you have a fantastic finale, that’s what you go away with.

Thinking about what you’ve seen the day you’ve had, and it really, really tops it off.

So what you’ve got is then you’ve got memories and you end up coming back for more. So you end up being a repeat customer.

So what can you do in the business that enables you to get customers coming back for more is no good, giving great service all the way through and.

Finishing very poorly, so what you need is a firework spectacular at the end of your service.

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