Your Business Tribe

Your Business Tribe

Your Business Tribe – Andy Explores Nike Business Tribe

So here I am doing some of my favourite things.

Firstly, I’m here relaxing, which we all need downtime, we all need a bit of space, Let our brains unwind.

And whilst I’m doing that, reading a business book, love to learn, and look to learn from other business leaders. And it’s not only a business but this one.

It’s the story of Nike. So this one is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, and the story of Nike. One of my other favourite things is, as you can see, is running. So it had everything for me.

So I like learning a bit about business and finding out about the story of Nike, because, as you can see, I’m just on holiday, and brought a collection of shoes with me for my training.

So Nike is very important in my life. And I think it’s very important to understand. So we read these books, and it’s not just about the knowledge, it’s the implementation of it.

And so it’s understanding that Nike have a brand and they’ve got people that that follow. There’s a tribe, and I’m a member of that Nike tribe. So I can I connect with Nike and their tribe.

“Just do it” is the Ethos of Nike, so I kind of love that. So, what can you implement into your business? To get you connecting with all the people in your tribe that get you, and your product, your service? How can you get them into your business and connect the way that Phil Knight did with Nike when he built the brand and then got crazy running people like me into buying lots and lots of shoes?

Have a think about that one.